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With more than 25.000 hours of production experience, Videoreport Canarias S.A. is the leading audiovisual production company in the Canary Islands. We have a great, creative and dynamic team, which brings together the best professionals. Having some of the most advanced technical resources, we are currently the only production company in the archipelago that produces its programmes with virtual and augmented reality, live, during prime time from Monday to Friday.

We have produced Canarian TV news for ten years, provided technical support for its broadcasts and overseen its sustained progress through continuity, and now, we provide and maintain the programme production facilities, owned by Videoreport Canarias.

Our audiovisual production company has an extensive catalogue of entertainment programmes, a live show about current affairs and our first in-house series, “La Sala”, which has been broadcasted on various prestigious international channels and online platforms, such as HBO.

We have various fiction projects underway, in collaboration with different partners, taking advantage of the fact that films, series and documentaries produced on the islands have significant tax incentives of up to 54%, which we also manage.

At Videoreport Canarias we regularly broadcast shows such as the famous Carnivals of the Archipelago -including the DragQueen Gala- which we have supplied to national and international television channels; the New Year’s Eve Bells for Mediaset group and Canarian TV; countless top-level sports events (Copa del Rey football tournament, ACB…); the pool transmission of the inauguration of the Great Canarian Telescope; the institutional coverage of the most important plenary sessions held by the island’s Parliament; the Dial Awards, broadcast by the main music channels in the country and in Europe; outdoor news programmes; festivals and cultural events of all kinds, etc.

Videoreport Canarias also offers technical equipment rental services (state-of-the-art mobile units, DSNGs, Live U 5 backpacks, set and ENG cameras, a wide variety of lenses, etc. with 4K recording capabilities) and operating services with prestigious and experienced professionals. We also provide all kinds of services to outside production (from help in obtaining tax incentives to locations, broadcasting, production services, editing, post-production, etc.).

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Videoreport Canarias, S.A.

Gran Canaria

C/ Profesor Lozano, 7.  1ª Planta.
35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
+34 928 40 24 23


Avda. 3 de Mayo, 30. 4º, Oficina C Edif. Ahlers
38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
+34 822 20 19 93