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Production services

We have the best professionals and the most cutting-edge technical equipment. We find the most suitable environment or set. We produce and post-produce the unimaginable. We advise you, or we partner with you, so that you can benefit from the important tax incentives offered by the Canary Islands.

The perfect location

A small continent

Endless dunes, breathtaking cliffs, cities with history… all on a single island

Awakes emotions

Teide, the highest peak of Spain and a World Heritage, where you will find the most diverse landscapes

Endless beaches

Kilometres and kilometres of coastline and unspoilt beaches

The beautiful Island

The best sky in the world over lush nature

The island with soul

Pure cliffs that hide amazing natural pools

Another planet

Let yourself be transported to lunar landscapes, white lava villages and unique vineyards

The silence made island

The laurel forests take you into a world of mist and humidity

The Canary Islands have a lot of benefits.

Tax incentives

Ideal weather conditions

Endless locations

Everything you need and more…

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Videoreport Canarias, S.A.

Gran Canaria

C/ Profesor Lozano, 7.  1ª Planta.
35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
+34 928 40 24 23


Avda. 3 de Mayo, 30. 4º, Oficina C Edif. Ahlers
38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
+34 822 20 19 93