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Halfway between a docu-reality and a road show, “The flight” is a journey full of emotions.

“The flight” narrates the extraordinary adventure of a group of anonymous citizens who travel and get on a plane for the first time in their lives. The programme – which is an original idea of Videoreport Canarias – shows this exciting journey: from the casting, where we meet them in their environment and homes, until they pack their bags and head to the airport, without knowing where they are going to fly to: Senegal, Thailand, Morocco, Norway, etc. We share with them all the adventures and countless anecdotes that the journey brings, many of which we, the viewers, can relate to.

In “The Flight” we witness the reactions to the unknown of the protagonists in the different countries they travelled to: language, gastronomy, places, monuments, activities… We met passengers who got emotional, laughed, were frightened, etc. In many cases they had a previous or familiar relationship. In others, they were absolute strangers. With all of them, we shared their great dream of travelling and enjoying their first holiday. We empathised with them and got hooked on the programme, eager to know how it would end.

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