Live at 7

Live at 7 is another of the current affairs formats provided by Videoreport Canarias to the history of produced television in the Canary Islands. The programme covers from Monday to Friday, for 90 minutes and mainly live, the current affairs of the islands from the news scenarios and with its protagonists, with their own accent and stamp to find the most up-to-date information, social stories, or the most relevant events of each day.

Live at 7 is Videoreport Canarias‘ informative and educational programme, characterized by its closeness and proximity. Nine reporters on the ground cover the archipelago to tell us live what is happening. It is a programme with a clear journalistic vocation, combining live coverage with reports on other issues of social interest, employment, events, human stories, innovation, health, festivals, gastronomy, culture… to create an agile and entertaining programme, close to current affairs and which brings viewers to the Canary Islands day-to-day life and to what matters and interests them most.