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From the coast is a format of Videoreport Canarias that brings to life a peculiar entertainment programme with the aim of creating a portrait of the Canary Islands through its coastline. The programme covers the littoral and the thousands of beautiful beaches of the islands. In each episode we visit two of them, where the real protagonists are the swimmers and the seaside people. They show us the habits and traditions that the islanders carry out near the sea, the way of enjoying with friends or family, the chats, the games, the baths and the way of watching the time go by in a friendly atmosphere. Our coast is famous for its sun, but there are also people who carry out their jobs and trades around it.

Videoreport Canarias is the audiovisual production company and creator of this unique and fun format because we are from the coast!

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Videoreport Canarias, S.A.

Gran Canaria

C/ Profesor Lozano, 7.  1ª Planta.
35008 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
+34 928 40 24 23


Avda. 3 de Mayo, 30. 4º, Oficina C Edif. Ahlers
38005 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
+34 822 20 19 93