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Do our compatriots from the rest of Spain really know the Canary Islands? What do they really know about us? National Arrivals, an original idea of Videoreport Canarias, is based around bringing people from the Peninsula, with completely different backgrounds, to the Islands for the very first time. The format immediately became a great success during its prime-time broadcast, as viewers -facing situations that are common for them- were amazed by the most diverse, emotional and comical reactions of the visitors.

During these unusual holidays, guided by numerous Canarians who became their travelling companions, the protagonists discovered habits, landscapes and traditions that they had never seen before. They had their ups and downs trying to understand the accent and many of the words and expressions that make our speech an extraordinary and different variant of the Spanish they are used to. Videoreport Canarias produced this docu-reality to highlight the nature, tourism, culture and language richness of our islands.

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